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    Giovanni is owner and operator of B&B San Francesco site in Giffoni Valle Piana which is close to the Giffoni Film Festival. The structure comes from the desire of hospitality, typical of Mediterranean culture, with its emphasis on welcoming and warmth typically Italian.

   With the help of his collaborators, the owner will try to satisfy all guest’s needs, offering optimal solutions to make the permanence of every  holidaymaker pleasant and relaxing. From a relaxed atmosphere of its own green environment to a complete relax by candlelight; from tourist and sport excursions in mountain biking, hiking, kayaking and kite surfing on the Amalfi Coast to paragliding from hills of Cilento. There is also the possibility for motorcyclists to go through several routes between the Picentini, Irpinia and Basilicata and,on return, keep their bikes at safe in the parking lot reserved for them. You will not believe as a Bed and Breakfast, for many visitors defined as "an oasis of peace and tranquility", can  offer quality services at definitely competitive prices, all combined  to the discretion and availability of the operator who is respectful of what that can be defined as the craft of hospitality and who undertakes so that any "foreign tourist" can become better acquainted with the localities of Picentini and can find a "hearth", a real private home, where more than one owner are living  friends willing to listen to a praise, a reprimand, a suggestion on how to improve services; some friends willing to do just a good conversation.

    A detail: the four-legged friends are welcome, subject to agreement with the direction of the B&B. A large garden with plants and trees will keep dogs, cats and other pets without problems and above all their owners will be tranquil and will enjoy their leisure activities.

     It's rumored that the B&B San Francesco comes as guests and leave as friends......

    We await you with great pleasure...

If you own a GPS, enter the name of the street Via B. Garofalo, 4 or write the GPS coordinates: N.40.711930 - E.14.934460.


For further informations:


Via B. Garofalo, N°2 e 4

84095 Giffoni Valle Piana (SA) - Italy

Tel.: +39 320/2221748

Tel.: +39 338/8214764

Web: www.bb-sanfrancesco.it

E-mail: info@bb-sanfrancesco.it


This web site has not the claim to be the tour guide (or substitute who does the plays of tourist guide by profession) for those who decide to stay in Giffoni Valle Piana, but contains enough information to spend a pleasant holiday weeks.

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